Here’s How You Split Large Videos on Your Device

A compact camcorder is one of the “must-have” highlights of a cutting edge cell phone. Because of different reasons, you may need to do a few acclimations to the recorded video cuts with your mobile gadget. Cutting and slicing are viewed as some of the most well-known necessities.

How many times have you come across a brilliant 15-second highlight in a one hour video or a three-hour movie? We can all agree that it would be extremely convenient if we were able to cut out that small bit and post it on your Instagram or WhatsApp status and even save it for personal use or send it to your friends and family. Thanks to the ever-changing technological advancements, you can do precisely that! It is, indeed very much possible to cut out segments from large video files and even stick two files together to create a whole new video.


So how do we do this?

Read on to find out the most suitable ways that are in the form of applications you could download or websites you could visit so that you to split and trim the videos of your choice, irrespective of whether you have an android or apple mobile device.


As the name suggests, AndroVid is an excellent application that is specific to android devices. More information on Moto G fast and MOTO E at It has the option to trim videos as well as several other video editing options. It has a simple interface and is accessible to everyone wanting to transform their videos or even trim them completely. You can find this app on the google play store.

Video Splitter

This is another equally great alternative to trim your videos. The best part about this app is that it accommodates both Android as well as Apple iOS. With this application, you can cut or trim your videos as well as join them together. Furthermore, you can download the edited video to your device. This application also has an option of removing watermarks in case you choose to split and share videos in a professional space.

Online Video Cutter

OVC or Online VideoCutter is a website that is accessible through google chrome or any other internet extension. This is a free website and not just that; it allows you to trim, crop, add music as well as join two videos together. On the off chance that you don’t trust google play store enough to share your personal information with the apps and download them to your personal device, you could always opt for this website.

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Clideo is one of the safest websites to edit, crop or trim your videos in. It has an extremely efficient and simple interface for the accessibility and comfort of its users. With this website, you can download your videos without a watermark. It works for all video formats and is extremely quick and efficient.


If you are looking for a quick way to trim a large video file, use the help of some of the websites as mentioned above or download the applications for a convenient and accessible experience.

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