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"Easy and Versatile"
This program is like a firecracker. Its small and packs a punch. Lets you join a variety of formats (i.e. mpeg, avi, etc.). Much better than a previous "joiner" I downloaded.

Jan 23, 2003

"Reliable and affordable"
at last! a program that joins ALL types of video files. people, THIS is the program that we have been waiting for. it's stable, user friendly, and it's cheap! if you're a video jock like me then look no further. this is the program for you! *ahem* Born freee. As free as the wind bloooooows.............

Jan 20, 2003

"Excellent, Fast, User Friendly program!!!!!!"
Very fast easy to use program. I just joined literally hundreds of AVI files this week and couldn't have been more impressed!! Not many bells and whistles but the speed of joining was incredible! Highly highly recommended ... I am purchasing it right this second!

Dave the producer
Dec 29, 2002

"Great Product!!"
I just purchased Easy Video Joiner and am more than a little impressed with it! I have hunted the internet for a reliable program for joining my avi files and at last I have got one thanks to you, it works PERFECTLY!!! THANKYOU!!! Worth every penny of the very small registration fee!

Gordon M
Sep 01, 2002

"Good Joiner"
Always worked fine nothing wrong with program at all.

Johnson n' Johnson
Aug 31, 2002

Greatest program ever!!! so easy to use and fast. perfect for combining multiple video clips for late night ease!! lol

The Wood
Aug 30, 2002

"Use it! Easy and fast!"
I used it to join mpeg and avi files... smooth like nothing, very easy to use.Great for anyone.

Aug 30, 2002

"The Bomb"
I used this program to put together twilight zone episodes I recorded on my sony computer's Giga Pocket TV deal-ee-bob (sony included no built in NTSC mpeg-1 editor). Without this fast effient, easy to use program, I would spend 100 hours compiling and burning my 6 hour DVDs with sony's included software, now it takes under an hour! yay!!!

Twilight Zone Guy
Jul 29, 2002

"Only RM Joiner That Works"
This is the only rm joiner that I've found that works. Usually the others ones just SUCK. It's extremely easy to use. Just add and join.

Invader ZIm
Jul 28, 2002

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